There were many and now there are few...

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There were many and now there are few... Empty There were many and now there are few...

Post by Lord Felinus on Tue Jan 02, 2018 1:45 am

The blood was written on the wall, In a bold and daring move, Judge Inquisitor Veritas contacted the Tremere and made his case that the Inquisition was valuable. They rooted out infernalism, heretics and the disloyal...they could perform such services for the fine cainites of the MegaCity, serving at the Tremeres pleasure. Boons were offered, Blood contracts were signed, and the Inquisitions position in the nights to come were secure.

The remainder of the Sabbat took their sweet time, fighting the good fight, till they too came running with their tail between their legs to the Tremere for shelter. Their terms were much less favorable.

Now as for the Anarchs, many of them nobly died defending humanity from the lupine. The remainder strive to make the world a better place. No small number of incorrigible troublemakers have been recycled into gargoyle defenders.

The Indepedents trickled in and either adapted or failed to do so. Many of them set up in neighborhoods coresponding to their basic makeup.
They are monitored. Those who are useful are used.

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