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Post by Lord Felinus on Wed Jan 03, 2018 3:46 pm

Tremere only: District Governor
This position brings both power and responsibility. You gain the ability to delegate and your authority in your sector answers only to the regent and the city elders.
However, you are ultimately held responsible if things go badly in your sector, though addressing such effectively mitigates that.
Your city status is that of Prime and the world is your playground, or at least a section of it.
It is rumored they have vast spy networks.
This is a very well compensated position.

Advocate: chosen by the majority of a people and ratified by the district governor applicable, they represent their lobby group to the governor and can act as legal counsel if one of theirs gets in trouble. This is a paid position and brings some status.

Captain of the Guards: Tremere or Gargoyle usually:
One of the heads of the security forces in a sector of the city, they command gargoyles, and other "super soldiers" as well more mundane forces in the protection of the city.
This grants has status.

Courier: usually Gangrel
You have the unusual ability to travel in the outer world great distances and can transport news and goods between cities or to people in the field or outposts.
This is a paid position and those who use this service may also make their own arrangements for specialty requests usually with prestation.
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