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Merits and Flaws Empty Merits and Flaws

Post by Lord Felinus on Mon Jan 01, 2018 4:47 pm

Many useful merits and flaws can be found here:

However, I shall add some custom merits and flaws for the purposes of our setting:

Book worm:
1pt Your family were eccentrics. They read physical books over tablets and pdfs. When the internet went down you still have ascess to great literary works, enclopedias and more obscure errata. You may treat your academics rolls as possessing two dots more if you have ascess to your library.

Intuitive Scavenger 2pt merit
You have a knack for intuiting just the right places to find what you seek.
You may use the highest mental attribute you have and survival to locate lost and hidden treasures of the time before. Or just useful supplies on the run. The difficulty for such checks  is lowered by 2.

Speciel adaptation: variable point merit.
Thru genetic fluke or experimentation, you have mutated some feature or features you may find to be advantageous. Depending how many points you place in this merit, how many or powerful the mutancy is. This merit requires ST approval and the exact benefits will be worked out on an individual basis. Note: if obvious, not all humans will find your prescence desireable, some may fear or be jealous of such power. Others admire it.

Cybergnetics: variable point merit:
You were fortunate or unfortunate enough to have parts of your body replaced by cybernetics. This grants a myriad of advantages. However, repair and upkeep, ascess to facilities, may be difficult, depending on social status and resources. Note unless embraced with cybernetics the kindred body will reject it over the day unless modified with viscitude. Note: not all humans will find your prescence desireable if obvious. Some may find it unnatural and it may make you a further target for the lupine. Some may fear or be jealous. Others admire.
Depending how many points you invest in this merit how powerful variable it is. This merit requires ST approval and its exact benefits will be determined on an individual basis.

Inherant Cammoflauge: 4pt merit
You do not stink of the wyrm, infact you smell garou. Perhaps you had kinfolk ancestory.Your aura reads as garou and you may eat and flush your skin with no effort. Add -2 difficulty on social rolls with garou. Gangrel may purchase this merit for 2 pts.

One with the City: 3 pt merit Tremere only
You are mystically attuned with the section of city you reign over. You can designate a number of gargoyles or other willing individuals up to 2x your occult rating that you can establish telepathic links with to be aware of the goings on in your region.

Patronage of the Old Ones: 6pt merit
There is an Elder Vampire who has taken an interest in you, granting you their favor and serving as a mentor and benefactor. This Elder is influential and secure. However, you will be expected to carry out their will, inform to them, and this may cause jealousy or suspicion with the hierarchy of the city but they dare not directly intervene against you.

Spontaneous Necromancer: 5pt merit
Something inside you reaches out to those who have died. Wraiths are attracted to you. Zombies rise and look to you for direction. You can see wraiths and command zombies and speak with wraiths. This is unsettling to mortals and may inspire fear. +1 difficulty to social rolls not intimidate with mortals. -1 difficulty to social rolls with kindred, to a degree your sway with the undead even reaches kindred. If you desire the zombies to manifest intelligence and appear closer to living they will require a point of vitae fed to them per night per zombie thus effected. Note: if you personally killed the dead they will likely rise and try to kill you.

Ghost in the Machine: 4 pt merit
You have bonded with a robot or vehichle or computer. You are able to possess it controlling it and sleep in its form during the day.
Destruction of this machine is detrimental to you, causing -1 will per day till it is restored.

Inquisition member: 5 pts
The exception to former Sabbat. Members of the Inquisition are welcomed with open arms. There was an understanding negotiated far beyond your pay grade, but members of the Inquisition, who hunt for infernalists, heretics and now those disloyal to the Tremere, are held in high regard. The secret police who work along side alastors, cooperation is expected with their investigations. They gain city status and a +2 bonus to intimidation. Prerequisites: lore infernal 2.

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Merits and Flaws Empty Re: Merits and Flaws

Post by Lord Felinus on Mon Jan 01, 2018 6:14 pm

Custom Flaws:

Elitest snob: 1 pt flaw
You were born privelledged. Part of the upper echelon of society, you knew constant power, you didn't go hungry, Advanced medicine ascess, education, ascess to tech. And you are quick to remind those other people you are better. +1 difficulty social rolls dealing with people below your station while not in your sector.

Former Sabbat: 2 pt flaw
You were once a member of the proud Sword of Caine. Now with your tail between your legs, you had to come seeking shelter from the Tremere.
As a former troublemaker, you are suspect. You can safely assume your activities and communications are monitored. You may have rarer abilities, which though a saving grace, the powers that be have no qualms about exploiting.
You are at +1 diff on social rolls with kindred who do not share your political history.

Social Stigma 2 pt flaw
You are among an undesireable population of kindred and with you they care. Most skate by but maybe your proud or you pissed off the wrong kindred. Your city status starts at a level below normal of your choice.

Unstable Mutation: variable flaw
Depending how many points you put in how horribly mutated you become.
Occasionally this grants benefits but in this case the downsides far outweigh them.
Storyteller will work with you to determine things.

Moment of Weakness: 6 pt flaw
In a moment of weakness, you sold your soul to live longer. Perhaps you were surrounded by lupine. Perhaps your feeding type went extinct. You are a demons bitch. Your aura is tainted. You can learn dark thaumaturgy or damonian in theory. The Inquisition is looking for you. It's only a matter of time before the other shoe drops. Your clan changes to Baali. You may retain one discipline from your parent clan.

Champion of the Weaver: 5 pt flaw/merit
You smell of the Weaver to Garou.
Around you is weaver affinity in the Umbra.
You can cause machines to function as if powered in your prescence. At times, Weaver Spirits may possess you, sending you on missions you don't understand. Sometimes flashes of insight come to you granting knowledge or visions, though afterwards it usually leaves you disoriented for a time.

Tech addicted 3pt
You have been to the promised land. Holoheaven where you walk on gilded paths, drinking from crystal goblets with beautiful companions on your arms. Then your credits were up and back to the hellhole we call reality.
Until you get your synthesized reality fix for the day, you are at -1 die to your mental rolls.

Blackballed: 7 pt flaw
You are on the shitlist of one or more of the hidden elders of the city and or the Tremere Regent of the city. Nothing works right, your existence is a living hell. -3 to social rolls and your effective status to anyone living in the MegaCity you reside in. The residents don't want to catch whatever you have.
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