Social Structure : City Status and Resources

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Social Structure : City Status and Resources Empty Social Structure : City Status and Resources

Post by Lord Felinus on Mon Jan 01, 2018 10:18 pm

The Economy is partly reliant on social status.
Depending upon your city status what echelon of social structure you are part of.

7X: City Elders. Regent. Their will be done.
6Prime: Tremere governors. Agents of the Old Ones. Inquisition. Astors.
All ascess. Best of Best. Power. Tech. Whatever.
5Alpha: Tremere. Gangrel. Elite human society. Gargoyle Defenders and other super soldiers.
Not limited Power. Varied Food. High Tech. Latest Medicine. Ultra Ascess. Awesome shelter.
4Beta: upper middle class. Other kindred.
Sufficient Power. Semi Limited ascess. Some tech. Nice shelter. Adequate food. Adequate medicine
3Delta:middle class. Ration power. Ration food. Ration medicine. Occasional tech. Adequate shelter. Limited ascess.
2Gamma: lower class, most former sabbat
Occasional power. Rationed food. Occasional medicine. Obselete tech. Existing Shelter. Authorized minimal ascess.
1Omega: refugees, hopeless poor
Minimal rationed food. Charity medicine. Occasional charity shelter/squatting. Stolen/defective tech. Ascess denied. Technically authorized.

Beyond the benefits of your social city status tier, if you are employed, you gain credits which can be used as a supplement in an ala cart manner to gain temporary benefits.

However, there is an anomaly within the social structure as grafted over from the integration of kindred society into that of kine.
The prestation system of boons has become a reality on top of normal societal benefits, barter, and credits.
Boon breaking is a virtual death sentence as if your word cannot be trusted regarding boons, none will want to want to deal with you.

For Review:
Life boons
Blood boons
Major boons
Minor boons
Trivial boons.

This is a favor system based upon inconvenience/value .
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